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The Dixon Main Street Mission:

Since 1996, Dixon Main Street has been an active, strong and exciting organization focused on the prosperity of downtown Dixon and the city as a whole. We are an organization built and sustained by countless volunteers who are passionate about the services and events that Main Street provides. Our mission statement is simple: To foster a spirit of community teamwork and to strengthen, revitalize, and broaden the economic base of the community, while improving the appearance of the downtown area, and promoting and marketing Dixon as a vibrant place to visit, work, shop, play, and live.

The Dixon Main Street Vision:

Dixon Main Street has a vision for the 21st century to enhance downtown Dixon’s rich history while continuing to develop our diverse dining, cultural, and shopping opportunities. Anchored by our premier riverfront, downtown Dixon offers a family friendly destination that is unique and inviting for visitors and residents alike. Dixon is a hip and modern downtown that keeps its roots in the historic fabric that has made our city great since 1830. All of this makes Dixon a wonderful destination and a fantastic place to call home.

2017 Board of Directors

Robin Canode
Jeremy Englund
Ryan Harrison
Carolina Vitale
Becky Reilly
Scott Brown
Marguerite Venier
Andrew Brockwell
Nikki Lovett

2015 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report & 2017 Campaign

The Four Point Committee Approach

The following committees meet on a monthly basis to complete annual work plans, which are created to guide activities and provide a yardstick for success of the organization.

Organization – This committee is charged with building consensus and cooperation among the many groups and individuals who have a role in the revitalization process. They work to market Main Street and its goals to the community and recruit new volunteers and members.

Promotion – Marketing downtown’s assets to customers, potential investors, new businesses, local citizens and visitors is the main role of this committee. This group also works to market the downtown as a “fun” and exciting place to visit and shop through annual events and retail promotions.

Design – This group works toward enhancing the physical appearance of downtown by capitalizing on its assets and heritage. Rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging sensitive new construction, developing design management systems, and long term planning fall under Design.

Economic Restructuring – This committee works toward strengthening downtown’s economic base while finding ways to expand it to meet new opportunities for development. The group looks at ways to improve retail mix, build a stronger tax base, and create a stable role for the downtown as a major component of the community’s economic health.

The Main Street Philosophy:

Comprehensive – An ongoing series of initiatives is vital to build community support and create lasting progress.

Incremental – Small projects make a big difference; they demonstrate that “things are happening” and hone the skills and confidence necessary to tackle more complex problems.

Self-Help – Only local leadership can initiate long-term success by fostering and demonstrating community involvement and commitment to the revitalization effort.

Public/private partnership – Main Street requires the support and expertise of both the public (local government) and private (businesses and residents) sectors. For an effective partnership, each must recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the other.

Identifying and capitalizing on existing assets – Local assets provide the solid foundation for a successful Main Street initiative.

Quality – From storefront design to promotional campaigns to special events, quality must be the main goal.

Change – Changing community attitudes and habits is essential to bring about revitalization. A carefully planned Main Street program will help shift public perceptions and practices to support and sustain the revitalization process.

Action-oriented – Frequent, visible changes in the look and activities of the commercial district will reinforce the perception of positive change. Small, but dramatic improvement will remind the community that the revitalization effort is underway